Bangladesh Paikari Bazar (BPB) is leading global and national B2B & B2C eCommerce marketplace for wholesalers, retailers, agencies, buyers & sellers. Because, this is the future of all the wholesale platform like garment items, flowers, IT accessories, jewelry, medicines etc.Most importantly, as a wholesaling ecosystem, we enable brands, consumers and retailers to connect, trade and grow. Besides that it’s core is a buying and selling platform, digitizing the ordering process between brands, consumers and retailers reducing costs, improving efficiencies and enabling all parties to trade more smartly.


Our main focus is to create a B2B & B2C ecosystem in whole Bangladesh. Most importantly BD Paikari Bazar is to bring together all wholesalers and retailers in one platform to ensure hassle-free best industry where wholesale creates the marketplace. Besides that, we are committed to change management and assisted to brands, consumers and retailers to evolve digitally their selling and buying processes.


Through our innovative platform and technology, because we are pioneering a wholesale evolution by making the process easier & faster, and we believe the wholesale industry deserves better. Therefore, we have put the entire wholesale buying process online to enable brands and retailers to drive incremental revenue, cut costs, improve their customer experience and analyze performance through data analysis.


  • Most importantly, to develop a B2B & B2C eCommerce marketplace
  • Besides that, to invent one online wholesale platform for retailers, wholesalers, buyers, and sellers in a different part of the country.
  • To develop a mobile e-commerce platform (B2B & B2C) to connect all retailers, wholesalers, and customers in Bangladesh.
  • To establish a hassle free and time-consuming platform, Besides that we develop a digitized platform and breaking the traditional shopping ecosystem.
  • Most importantly, To create a cost-effective online marketplace because it reduces middleman business policy.
  • To create a platform where any retailer or wholesaler can order easily.
  • Therefore, reduce administrative costs associated with order to management.

WHY SHOP ON BD Paikari Bazar?

  • -Most importantly & convenient shopping experience
  • Besides that, best customer service experience
  • Best & authentic products in Bangladesh
  • Best prices & Products are returnable


  • Unhindered 24/7 access our sales channel
  • Therefore shop anytime, anywhere, anything
  • ‘Most importantly’ hassle and risk-free with flexible payment methods
  • Besides that we delivery all around Bangladesh with flexible payment


  • We ensure electronics products with a warranty
  • Most importantly we offer a 3 days free return period for products purchased
  • Besides that, we have the best customer experience center who are ready to help you at all the time

Meet our team

Mr. Reyed Mia

Founder & CEO

Adv. Maliha Islam

Legal Advisor

Kazi Hedayet Ullah

Marketing Manager

Rimon Mia

Digital Marketing

Ms. Sabikun Nahar

Branding & Promotion

Mr. Miaje & Sohag